ARSEG, Directors’ Association of the Facility Management, is the only representative of working environment’s professionals in France.
The Association is administrated by a Committee of Directors which relies on several years of experiences to ensure the proper conduct of the association and its operation.

The Executive’s Committee

The Executive Committee is in charge of the daily management and preparation of Directors’ Committee meetings.
Members in 2020 :
  • Latifa HAKKOU – Groupe IPSEN : President
  • Stéphane TUAL – RICHEMONT : Treasurer
  • Manuel MARTINS – DANONE :  Deputy Treasurer 
  • Jean-Marc ROBIC – LAFARGE HOLCIM : General Secretary 
  • Eric ALBISTUR – TEREOS : Deputy General Secretary 
  • Fabienne TORRENTI – CARREFOUR : In charge of the communication 
  • Thierry CADIOT – HSBC : In charge of training, studies and foresight
  • Guy KLEIBER – BCPE : In charge of development of solidarity
  • Joël LAROUSSE – SNCF : Vice-Président, in charge of the associative project


ARSEG’s ambition is to draw attention to a profession which contributes directly to the competitiveness of French economy, which has a direct impact on the improvement of well-being in the workplace and which pilots companies’ energy transition.
In order to do so, it has for objective to: 
  • Become known and promote the function by studying questions of general interest.
  • Create a permanent contact between its members and maintain relations with associations in France and abroad.
  • Value the profession and improve knowledge by putting at service the experience of each, in a climate of sympathy and solidarity.


ARSEG leads all year round missions of information and support to the profession through diverse events and tools:
  • The official Working environment magazine: Workplace Magazine
  • A trade show : Workspace Expo 
  • Workshops and meetings treating subjects touching directly the director's job exercise (director's business, manager's job, manager's business) 
  • A rich factual program to find itself in any conviviality in Paris or in Regions : annual Conventions Arseg (Conference, General assembly, Gala evening), Conferences, Breakfasts and Clubs, visits of sites, Golf trophies in Ile-de-France and in Rhône-Alpes, theme party...
  • Very useful professional tools for the exercise of manager's in the working environment : 
  • Buzzy Ratios : the basis of operating ratios of the tertiary buildings and the working environment, updated every year by Arseg 
  • Studies : social & economical studies
  • Working environment quality guide: developed by Arseg’s members from the welcome to the movings
  • Collection of documents : a space reserved for the Arseg members to allow them to benefit from typical documents, and exclusive reference tables.
And also : 
  • Events in partnership with other associations 
  • An international presence (Global FM)
  • Technical reports


Three values at the heart of our action.


Solidarity is a value that we defend. Our availability, our listening and the particular attention of our members, conjugate to the everyday life to serve the collective and shared interests. So we give meaning to our united commitment. 
By our implication, we mobilize to support and help the members in their steps, in particular in cases of involuntary unemployment, and to strengthen the link that exists between them.


"Tomorrow’s success gets prepared today"
Progress, has to be questioned today so as to be better tomorrow. In particular, taking into account surprise report and ideas of improvement imagined by our members. In a permanent search for processes’ improvement and working methods. So as to favor innovation.


The assertion of our values and our ethical principles is essential. It guides our actions every day.


This code has for objective to serve as benchmark to working environment professionals in the daily exercise of their missions.
As contributing dynamic actors of the development of the company, they had to be equipped with a formalized code taking into account the very particular executive of their function. Transparency, respect for the people, rigor, and trust are indeed the pillars of the business’ good exercise.
The Code establishes six general principles (Competence, Responsibility, Righteousness, Professional Quality, Respect for the assigned mission and Independence) which joins five precise fields of application : ethics and Behavior, Sustainable development, Purchases, Respect for the laws and Regulations, Internal Customer relationships. 
This document represents a major stake as for the assertion of the dimension inescapable and sometimes very sensitive to the environment’s function within companies and to their individual and collective future.



The story began July 16th, 1975. Pierre Martin, CEO and founder wishes to create a professional network so that the working environment’s directors can speak together, exchange on their working issues and be listened with one voice. 
1975 : Creation of the ARSEG 
1983 : Creation of the north delegation 
1987 : Publication of the magazine Arseginfo number 1. 
1991 : Opening of the association to the associate members 
1995: First sponsoring with the university Marne La Vallée, certificate become MIPI 
1997 : Openning of the Web site : 
2000 : Creation of the Buzzy ratios base, reference indicators